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Paperless billing

Pay by Direct Debit

  • Standard Unit Price (c/kWh)          20c
  • Annual Standing Charge Urban    48c per day
  • Annual Standing Charge Rural      61c per day
  • PSO (Public Service Obligation)    38.68

What you will need to complete registration:

MPRN – a unique 11 digit number which identifies your electricity connection

Current meter reading – a 5 digit number found on your electricity meter (ignore red digits or digits surrounded by a red box)

1. Sale and Supply of Electricity
a) We will sell and supply electricity to You at the Premises subject to these Conditions until the Agreement is ended by either You or Us

b) If we do not already supply the Premises, we will begin supplying the Premises on the date the MRSO notifies us we are the Supplier and the Contract will commence on that date.
(c) You can cancel the switch within 14 days from the date you agreed to this Contract under the European Union (Consumer Information, Cancellation and Other Rights) Regulations 2013 by contacting us in accordance with Condition 17 (“cooling-off period”).
(d) In certain circumstances, you may require us, for whatever reason, to supply electricity to you during the 14 day (“cooling-off period”) cancellation period set out above. In the event that you wish to cancel this Contract during the 14 days but following the commencement of our supply of electricity to you, you agree to pay for all electricity supplied to you up to the date of cancellation.
e) You must provide Us with Your contact details e.g. a landline or mobile number and We are allowed to use these details to contact You in relation to Your account.

f) You cannot extend Your supply for someone else to use. We will consider them to be a separate customer.

2. Metering and Billing
a) The electricity supply will be measured by the Meter and metering equipment that will be installed and maintained by ESB Networks. ESB Networks staff, its agents or contractors will read the Meter.
(b) We will regularly send you bills for the electricity that you use. Your bill may also include charges for services including but not limited to Siteworks charges that we have supplied to you and will include VAT.
(c) If we have not been able to get Meter readings for any reason, we will use estimated readings.
(d) If we supply electricity to you but all or part of such electricity supplied is not registered by the Meter (due to a fault or unauthorised interference or any other reason), you must pay an amount equal to the charge that would have been payable had the Meter or metering equipment been working properly.
3. Access and Distribution Services
(a) All equipment and installations up to and including the Meter belong to ESB Networks and must be used in accordance with ESB Networks’ instructions. We have no responsibility for maintaining the Meter or any metering equipment or associated wiring.
(b) You agree to be bound by any conditions given to you by ESB Networks or by us on behalf of ESB Networks regarding your Electricity Connection and any related matters.
(c) You are responsible at all times for having due care towards the Meter. You will not interfere or allow any interference with the Meter, whether for repairs or for any other purpose without ESB Networks’ consent, and shall notify ESB Networks and/or us promptly of any defect in the Meter or if any alteration or other attention is required.
4. Price of Electricity
The price of the electricity supplied by us is set out in our tariff structure, which is published by us from time to time.
5. Payment of Accounts
You must pay us the cost of the electricity consumed at the Premises, or which we have estimated that you have consumed during the Billing Period (plus VAT), and any supply charge which may be applicable to the tariff you have chosen. Unless we have agreed otherwise, every bill, including an estimated meter read, is payable on the date specified in the bill. You must also pay us for any amount specified on the bill for other services that we have agreed to provide to you. If you do not pay your bill on time then any discounts that are applied to your bill may be removed at our discretion.

6. Security
a) If We decide it is required at any time, You may need to provide reasonable Security, which may be in the form of a deposit that We will decide.
b) Any Security cover provided to Us which is in the form of a cash deposit will be repaid to You when You close Your account provided all sums due have been paid, or after a certain period (not more than twelve months) provided You have satisfied Our payment terms on a continuous basis, whichever is the earliest.

7. Electricity Emergency
In the event of and for the duration of an electrical emergency:
(a) we may at the request of the emergency response service or ESB Networks discontinue the supply of electricity to the Premises; and
(b) you must refrain from using electricity immediately upon being told by us or ESB Networks that you should do so.
8. Emergency Response Service
The Emergency Response Service is operated by ESB Networks on behalf of all customers. The 24-hour telephone number of the emergency response service is 1850 372 999.
9. Our Liability
a) As Your supplier We will not be liable to You for any loss or damage caused arising directly or indirectly from Your electricity supply and the equipment.
b) Nothing in this Agreement will exclude or restrict Your or Our liability for death or personal injury resulting from Your or Our negligence.
c) We will not be liable to You under this Agreement in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any indirect damages or economic loss, any loss of revenue, business, contracts, predicted savings or profits.
10. Your Right to End the Agreement
a) If You are moving Premises and/or no longer wish to keep Your electricity account open You must give Us seven (7) calendar days notice in advance of Your leaving the premises (or as otherwise agreed by us) by telephone or by writing to Us (in accordance with Condition 17) and pay the amount due for all electricity used up to the date of such termination and for any other charges and obligations in Your Price Plan or services that We have agreed to provide to You under this Agreement.
b) In the event that you do not provide a reading or access to de-energise the premise, we will estimate the closing reading and any charges arising from this estimate must be accepted by you as the due amount on your final bill.
c) The ending of the Agreement will not affect any rights or duties which have accrued to You before the Agreement ends.
d) Where the supply of electricity is withdrawn due to Your default, You will pay Us all expenses reasonably incurred and the cost of supply withdrawal and of subsequent reconnection, if any in line with regulated charges and codes of practice.
11. Our Right to Withdraw Supply and End The Agreement
Provided We have followed Our procedures set out in Our Codes or Practice, We may request the DSO to withdraw Your electricity supply (disconnection) if :
a) You fail to pay any bill for the electricity We have supplied or any other amount under this Agreement for supplying electricity.
b) You do not agree to an arrangement to pay by instalments or break an agreed arrangement or refuse a pre-payment meter/budget controller.
c) Your installation or use of electricity interferes with the distribution system or disturbs other customers.
d) You extend the supply to someone else who We consider to be a separate customer.
e) You do not meet all of Your obligations under these conditions or the Connection Agreement, and fail to put things right.
f) If You have used electricity without permission or committed theft of electricity.
g) You become insolvent, have a receiver, liquidator or examiner appointed, or enter into an arrangement with Your creditors.
h) We need to do so by law.
i) Your Connection Agreement ends.
j) It is no longer practical to supply electricity for reasons outside Our control.
k) You have asked Us to.
12. Contact Details
a. Our Customer Service Department may be contacted at:
Ecopower Supply Limited
By telephone: 056 7750140
By e-mail:

Certain information as provided in the Conditions may also be obtained on Our website at
13. Refunds
We will process without delay any refunds due to our customers in accordance with agreed procedures.