Price Update 17th Jan 2022

Ecopower Supply has made every effort to avoid a 2nd price increase to you our valued customer, but we can no longer offer rates that have become unsustainable. Energy prices have continued to rise in in the wholesale electricity market. Therefore, we are increasing our rates by 15%, effective from 17thJanuary 2022.

See the list below for the new rates. You are welcome to call (087) 353 2188 or email us at if you want to discuss the price rise or cancellation of your contract.

Of course, we hope that you will stay with us and continue to avail of our 100% Green Electricity offering, at what is still a competitive rate.

 New rates as of 17th January 2022

 25% Discount Unit Rate c/kWh     Excluding VAT          Including VAT 

24 Hour                                                  21.6 c/kWh                     24.5 c/kWh

Day                                                         23.5 c/kWh                     26.6 c/kWh

Night                                                      11.9 c/kWh                     13.5 c/kWh

Smart Day                                             23.5 c/kWh                     26.6 c/kWh

Smart Night                                          11.9 c/kWh                     13.5 c/kWh

Smart Peak                                           25.0 c/kWh                     28.4 c/kWh  

 Standard Unit Rate c/kWh     Excluding VAT          Including VAT 

24 Hour                                           28.8 c/kWh                     32.7 c/kWh

Day                                                  31.3 c/kWh                     35.5 c/kWh

Night                                               15.9 c/kWh                     18.0 c/kWh

Smart Day                                       31.3 c/kWh                     35.5 c/kWh

Smart Night                                    15.9 c/kWh                     18.0 c/kWh

Smart Peak                                     33.3 c/kWh                     37.8 c/kWh