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Price Update 17th Jan 2022

Ecopower Supply has made every effort to avoid a 2nd price increase to you our valued customer, but we can no longer offer rates that have become unsustainable. Energy prices have continued to rise in in the wholesale electricity market. Therefore, we are increasing our rates by 15%, effective from 17thJanuary 2022.

See the list below for the new rates. You are welcome to call (087) 353 2188 or email us at supply@ecopower.ie if you want to discuss the price rise or cancellation of your contract.

Of course, we hope that you will stay with us and continue to avail of our 100% Green Electricity offering, at what is still a competitive rate.

 New rates as of 17th January 2022

 25% Discount Unit Rate c/kWh     Excluding VAT          Including VAT 

24 Hour                                                  21.6 c/kWh                     24.5 c/kWh

Day                                                         23.5 c/kWh                     26.6 c/kWh

Night                                                      11.9 c/kWh                     13.5 c/kWh

Smart Day                                             23.5 c/kWh                     26.6 c/kWh

Smart Night                                          11.9 c/kWh                     13.5 c/kWh

Smart Peak                                           25.0 c/kWh                     28.4 c/kWh  

 Standard Unit Rate c/kWh     Excluding VAT          Including VAT 

24 Hour                                           28.8 c/kWh                     32.7 c/kWh

Day                                                  31.3 c/kWh                     35.5 c/kWh

Night                                               15.9 c/kWh                     18.0 c/kWh

Smart Day                                       31.3 c/kWh                     35.5 c/kWh

Smart Night                                    15.9 c/kWh                     18.0 c/kWh

Smart Peak                                     33.3 c/kWh                     37.8 c/kWh

Eirgrid – Delivering a Cleaner Energy Future

Eirgrid operates and develops Ireland’s electricity grid. This includes interconnecting to neighbouring grids and running the wholesale electricity market. Eirgrid ensures that everyone has power when they need it, at the most economic price possible.

The grid safely brings power from generators to the ESB network that supplies every home, farm, community and business in Ireland.

Eirgrid are making the grid ready to carry 70% of Ireland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

This week Eirgrid have opened the Laois Kilkenny Community Benefit Fund. Read about it here https://www.eirgridgroup.com/newsroom/eirgrid-to-open-laois-kil/index.xml

Eirgrid Roadmap to Achieve our Renewable Ambition



Climate Action Plan 2021

“As the world gathers in Glasgow to tackle global warming, Ireland has publishing the Climate Action Plan 2021. This plan sets a roadmap for taking decisive action to halve our emissions by 2030 and reach net zero no later than 2050, as committed to in the Programme for Government.”


The Climate Action Plan has been published and is online here: https://assets.gov.ie/203558/f06a924b-4773-4829-ba59-b0feec978e40.pdf


An infographic booklet is also available here: https://assets.gov.ie/203546/a183a324-40ed-49c9-b630-bab0fbdd2ce2.pdf


Chapter 11 is the electricity section and the targets for 2030 are identified as:

Actions are listed on pages 99 and 100.

To meet the required levels of emissions reduction by 2030, we will:

  • Reduce CO2 eq emissions from the sector to a range of 2 to 4 MiCO2 eq by 2030
  • Carry out a work programme to identify a route to deliver 1.3 TWh of zero emissions gas (incuding green hydrogen) by 2030, potentially equivalent to 0.2 – o.4 MICO2 eq abatement
  • Increasing the share of electricity demand generated from renewable sources to up to 80% where achievable, without compromising security of electricity supply
  • At least 500 MW of these renewables will be delivered through local community-based projects subject to competition as appropriate
  • Deliver circa 2 GW of new flexible gas fired power stations in support of a high variable renewable electricity system
  • Delivery of three new transmission grid connection or interconnectors to Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the EU
  • Explore further interconnection, including hybrid interconnectors (combined cross border transmission network with offshore renewable generation) to other countries
  • Expand and reinforce the grid, through the addition of lines, substations and new technologies
  • Complete the phase-out of coal and peat-fired electricity generation
  • Ensure that 20-30% of system demand is flexible by 2030

Electric Bike Winner Sep 2021

David Thompson from Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny was the September winner of the Ecopower Supply quarterly E-bike customer draw.

David was presented with his brand new E-Bike by Ecopower Supply director Phil Kenealy at ebikes Ireland, Kilkenny on 11 Oct 2021.

Price Update 8th October 2021

You will have no doubt seen in the news, the cost of supplying electricity has continued to rise steeply and is currently at an all-time high due to an unprecedented increase in the wholesale electricity market prices. Ecopower Supply, as a new supplier offering 100% wind generated electricity to our customers, has made every effort to keep our prices as low as possible and for as long as possible, but we can no longer offer rates that are unsustainable. So regrettably we are announcing an increase of 20% in our prices from Friday 8th October 2021. The price increase will be partially offset by a reduction in the PSO levy by €2.22 per month from 1st October. Prices have been updated on the Ecopower Supply page of this website.


Our existing customers who are within a 12-month contract, can Switch to another Supplier within 30-days of this Notice and we will not charge the usual €50 penalty for exiting the contract. You are welcome to email us at supply@ecopower.ie if you want to discuss the price rise or cancellation of your contract. Of course, we hope that our existing customers will stay with us and continue to avail of our 100% Green Electricity offering.

Wind Energy Ireland poster

School poster final Irish and Eng

More than 104,000 copies of the attached wind energy education poster will be carried across a number of regional newspapers throughout September.

Wind Energy Ireland would love to see photographs of copies of these papers with the poster in order to share them on social media.

The following is a list of dates and titles where the infographic will appear:

W/C 20th September – Kilkenny People and Leinster Express

Tuesday 21st September – Westmeath Examiner

Wednesday 22nd September – The Kerryman

Thursday 23rd September – The Examiner

Tuesday 28th September – The Western People Mayo, The Waterford News and Star, The Kildare Nationalist and the Laois Nationalist

Thursday 30th September – The Corkman



Electric Bike Winner June 2021

Margaret Hynes from New Ross, Co. Wexford  was the June winner of the Ecopower Supply quarterly E-bike customer draw.

Margaret was presented with her brand new BMW e-bike by Ecopower Supply director Phil Kenealy at J Donohoe BMW Enniscorthy, who supplied the e-bike.

Fit For 55

Fit for 55: EU rolls out largest ever legislative package in pursuit of climate goals

Today, 14 July 2021, the European Commission adopted the Fit for 55 package. Fit for 55 aims to put the bloc on course to meet its ambitious target of a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, relative to 1990 levels, aligning EU policy with the ambitious political mandates of the Green Deal and EU Climate Law.

The below link shows a series of 13 cross-cutting legislative proposals include 8 revisions of existing legislation and 5 brand new proposals and some background information, analysis, as well as the FSR position on a few of the initiatives that are particularly pertinent to the energy transition.



Electric Bike Winner Mar 2021

Winner of the Ecopower Supply Electric Bike for March 2021 – John Ryan, The Learning Lab, Celbridge, with his daughter Zosia.